2 Harihar Nagar v/s Bhagyadevatha

May 9, 2009

2 Harihar Nagar



This is the contest that is going to be closely watched. This contest will summarise the malayalam movies for the first 4 months of 2009. They are the only malayalam movies to get profits during this period.

The 4 evergreen heroes comes back to Harihar Nagar

The 4 evergreen heroes comes back to Harihar Nagar

2 Harihar Nagar was released on the 1st of April to a thunderous reception by the audience. A good entertainer and sequel of “In Harihar Nagar” was what the audience was expecting for months now. Without having a good movie to watch for about 3-4 months, people now starts storming into the theaters. In TVM, all time records of most successive house full shows was broken by this movie. Earlier this was for Titanic which ran 16 continous days with all shows house full. Now this movie has overtook that record.

This is the first movie by Lal as a director (He has directed many great movies along with Siddique before). Though the movie is not as good as In Harihar Nagar, still it won’t be ever forgotten by the audience because the comeback the 4 friends back to Harihar Nagar has been made supreb by the director. The movie has a good blend of comedy and twists, a nice plot and a good suspense. The cast have done a good job. The camera and location too is good making the movie a colourful treat to watch. And the songs too are good.

One peculiar thing about this movie is that the positive and negative of the movie happens to be the characted done by Jagadeesh. It’s the positive part because he dominated all the comedy scenes. Without him, the movie wouldn’t have been an entertainer. But it’s also the negative because he was made too stupid in the movie. Most of the comedies were based on his stupidities. Another negative of the movie is the second half. Where the first half is very enjoayable, second half is a bit serious. People don’t rate this movie with the rest of the movies running now. But they rate it against “In Harihar Nagar”. That too has led to some negative reviews against the movies.

I would rate the movie 7.5/10.

Coming to Bhagyadevatha. It’s a good “family movie” by the evergreen Sathyan Anthikad. He tells a story of an ordinary family in Kuttanad. The movie intends to give a strong message against dowry. This movie was in midst of good news throughout. It’s the first movie to get profit even before it was released.

Jayaram and Kanika

Jayaram and Kanika

Ever since Sathyan Anthikad has been writing the scripts for his own movies, the standard of his movies have starting coming down. Manasinakkare was the master-piece of Sathyan Anthikad in story writing. After that, Rasathanthram, Vinodayathra and Innathe Chinthavishayam turned out to be huge disappointments. But one thing to be noted is that all these movies were huge hits. That is why Sathyan Anthikad is called the evergreen director. Even if his movies is not a good as what it used to be, it will certainly contain some elements which people like to watch and family audience crowd can be seen in the theater. His movies are the only one where a huge women crowd can be seen for the release shows.

But after three failures in the script writing, in Bhagyadevatha, he has come back a bit. It’s a simple story which is directed well. Each and every shot is in beautiful locations with lavish greenery. There are beautiful songs composed by Ilayaraja. The cast including Jayaram and Kanika have done a good job.

There are many negatives for this movie too. The story is very simple, so at times you feel the movie a bit dragging. The movie was intended to give a strong message against dowry. They wanted to convey a message that relations are much more important than money. But for me, the movie ended on a note that money is the most important thing in the world.

Overall it’s a good family-movies by Sathyan Anthikad and if you are planning to go for a movie, and you have already seen 2 harihar nagar, go for it. My rating is 6/10.

Summing up, 2 Harihar Nagar is a better movie than Bhagyadevatha by all means and both of them are huge successes. But the box office results after the movies complete their run shall be interesting. There is always a huge audience who wants to see Sathyan’s movies. And they shall guarantee this movie a very long run. Which will win over the other? We can only speculate!