August 3, 2008

New blog!! How to start it? What to write in the first post? Creativity is a must. So what am I going to do? This was how I was thinking for a few hours now. Creativity is not something which I have in plenty. But the mere thought about creativity made me think back to my school life. There used to be versification competition once a year. And most of us used to participate just for the sake of cutting the classes. And spending one or two hours in front of a paper with nothing but a paper in hand will evoke a bit of creativity somehow. So during one such session I remember writing a poem (I call it a poem because there are a some thy,thee thou etc.). In a search of my old papers I found a rough page where I had written that one. So am writing it here. So here comes my first piece of creativity. Sharing not just for the sake of sharing but for improving. Even Linus Torvalds said, “You have to have everybody share in knowledge.” So do comment.

So here comes it.

Based on a true story…

Why does my heart glow
when in my dreams I see you?
I don’t understand…
Is it my heart that glows at night?

Was the nightly breeze the breath of thee?
Was it your eyes that twinkled in the sky?
You sing a song for my heart to glow
That leaves my heart flaming forever.

Never have you looked down at me.
Never hath you filled my heart with your sound.
The days me saw you are few
and years are past those few days.

The more the time separate us,
The more the distance separate us,
You are in my dreams each night.
You will glow in my heart each night.

Days and days separate us
while nights and nights bound us.
Once, Oh! once you will be mine
When you truly know my heart.

Break the time and come to me.
Break the distance and come to me.
Let me see you. Let me hear you.
Let my flaming heart flow in pride.

– ALEX Poovathingal