The Success Story of ‘A Window to Freedom’ organised by FSUGTSR

December 6, 2008




A window to Freedom‘ – One day seminar on free software took place on 4-12-2008 at Sahitya Academi Hall, Thrissur. The program was organised by Free Software Users’ Group, Thrissur (FSUG). This event also marked the official inauguration of FSUG, Thrissur.

The program started at 9:30 AM with an inaugural session. Prof. Manoj Kumar, Head of Computer Science and Engg Department, GEC Thrissur (HOD, CSE, GECTCR) inaugurated FSUGTSR by lighting the lamp. Mr. Jayan from COSTFORD, one of the sponsers of the event, presided over the meeting. K. Venu spoke on the politics of free software. Krishnanunni, delivered the vote of thanks.

The hall was completely filled by this time. We had a registration counter where the visitors were asked to write their name, institution and email id. Registration was free of cost.

The talk sessions began soon after the inauguration session. The main talk sessions were by :

  1. Hiran on the philosophy behind Free and open Source Software.

  2. Mahesh on Introduction to GNU/Linux

  3. Hussain sir on Introduction to malayalam computing

  4. Aswin on Compiz fusion and desktop environments

  5. Suresh sir on Malayalam Input Methods

  6. Devidas and I had a session on Installation of GNU/Linux (Ubuntu).

  7. Jain on Commonly used GNU/Linux Tools

  8. Unni on Troubleshooting

After the sessions we had a short open discussion/unconference on the future events of FSUGTSR. 3-4 colleges have already asked us to take one day sessions like this in their colleges. If any other institutions want such help, feel free to mail to our mailing list at .

We had a very good audience for the program. They asked many questions and made all sessions very interactive. There were around 280 registered participants. Many public also came to the venue know what was going on. Though they didn’t register, they talked with the volunteers at registration counter about free software. So in around there was around 400 visitors to the program. And most of them looked quite interested in changing to the free software. So most probably, by the time the next event is organised, there shall be as many organizers as there were participants this time. A certificate of participation was provided to all registered participants. Those who have not yet received them please contact us.

We had planned to provide DVD’s with commonly used OS’s to all those who wanted at Rs 30 per DVD. We had made ready the ISO’s of Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian and also blank DVD’s. But the demand was too high that Alwin (our high speed DVD writer) burning DVD’s in 5 laptops simultaneously couldn’t yield even half of the requirements. Many participants also waited patiently after the program to get their DVD’s. For those who didn’t get them on the day, we are burning the DVD’s which will be made available in P G Center, Thrissur by next week.

CDAC sent us 100 DVD’s of Bharatiya Operating Systems Solutions (BOSS) free of cost. Those were distributed after the event.

An install fest was also announced in association with this event. But only 5 turned up with their laptops. Though the low numbers initially disappointed us, this gave us ample time not only to install the OS in their computer but at the same time teach them how to install the OS.

The event was also covered well by the press and media. All leading news papers reported the event as soon as it was announced in November. Articles on the event have appeared the day after the event. I am adding the link to The Hindu’s news on the event. I will scan the news in other newspapers and upload them soon.

There were also sponsers who played a great part in the success of the program. COSTFORD, CenSE, P G Center and I C Software were the sponsers of the event.

After the event, all the members of the organising committee signed on the flex. It shall be an “INSIGNIA” of FSUGTSR from now on. Then we all went to Modern Hotel, near the venue and had special masala dosa and coffee to celebrate the success of the event. I hope that all programs conducted by FSUGTSR will be a success like this one.

All those who have not yet joined us please join FSUGTSR. Also join in our mailing list and be active there.


Window to Freedom – FSUGTSR

November 29, 2008





The first event organised by FSUGTSR, Free Software Users Group, Thrissur, is going to be on Dec 4th, 2008 at Sahitya Academy Hall, Thrissur.

“Window to Freedom – A One Day Workshop on Free Software” .

This event mainly aims at giving an introduction to free software. The further details of the programs are available at the wiki page

Brochure and poster have been designed for the event.

The poster was done by Hiran.



The brochure was designed by some students of GEC,Thrissur.

All the tools used for designing the poster and brochure were free softwares. Only Open Office, Scribus, Incscape, etc were used.

Freedom Walk at Thrissur

October 27, 2008


The Freedom Walk is a journey undertaken on foot by a group of four professionals from Kasargode to Thiruvananthapuram, conducting seminars in schools, colleges and other educational institutions. The main aim of this is to promote an awareness about free software. They also want to connect with the free software users group of different places and create a network by which each can flourish co-operatively.

Freedom Walk reached Thrissur on Saturday, the 26th at around 10:30 AM. They came to P.G. Center where a meeting was held. A small group had already assembled there. We introduced ourselves and Anoop(one of the walker) gave a brief talk on the aims of their walk. Then we had a discussion on how to take forward the Free Software User’s Group, Thrissur. Many ideas were discussed. They also spoke of many oppurtunities currently available in the free world. To say the least, they were really inspiring.

They left around 12:30 with a swift good-bye as they had a long way to cover that day. They had to wear rain coats to withstand the heavy rain. What they have undertaken is a difficult task. But they are managing it quite well. Donating almost 45 days for the society and for it’s freedom. Hats off to them!!!