About Me

Software Engineer living in Bangalore. Alumni from GEC, Thrissur and IIT Bombay. Interested in Films, Books and Free Software. An avid procrastinator.


10 Responses to About Me

  1. susmi elizabeth jacob says:

    i am a DADA fan.i am very happy to know that you are also very fond of his character.
    thanks for writing this blog.a request-if possible please write about how to write a blog,so that it will be helpfull for students like me.

  2. Shafeeque says:

    Good job.
    Came to see abt the free software group for Thrissur.
    Where are you people basically located??
    Wat are your activities to spread linux??
    I ‘d like to join your tea

  3. rajasekaran says:

    the presentation of the blog is very appreciative.i would like to present such a blog if at all i am having knowledge.any suggestion will always be welcomed from any corner

  4. I am a Sourav fan. Sourav a Legend

  5. balaji says:


  6. Tintu KM says:

    I found you blog just now. I loved your writing though haven’t explored it all. Hope more merries of art and techies from you.

  7. ufp1000 says:

    good one on Sourav..I am his fan too. Great attitude.

  8. csianthoughts says:

    The trekking experience is a nice come-back Alex! And I suggest it is high time to update your ‘About Me’ part of the blog 🙂

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