Passenger – Feel the freshness


Passenger is a movie that must be watched for the freshness and for the message it gives. This movie is special because it has nothing out of ordinary. The scenes are all what you see in your day to day life. But such things appear rarely in our movies. It’s that what makes the movie very special. This political thriller has a story that can happen anyday.


The movie is just 2 hours and it is also very simple. One advantage the director has enjoyed is that the characters are already well developed because they are one of those whom we see around us each day. Each scene is very natural and blends well with the whole movie.

The positives in the movie are many. A good script and impressive direction, excellent performance by the cast, pleasing visuals and good camera works and to top it all humour where ever necessary. Among the cast, Sreenivasan, Dileep, Mamta, Manikuttan and Nedumudi Venu does descent jobs. But the star performer is Jagathy, who delivers a brilliant performance acting as a shrewd politician. The camera has been handled well. Almost half of the story takes place in the train. Those scenes deserves special mention.

Ranjith Sankar, is a debutant director, and has proved his ability. He will certainly be one among the best directors in near future. There are some negatives for the movie too. The movie, though as a whole is brilliant, lacks lustre in many scenes. There were some over-dramatised scenes too. Coming from a debutant, these can be ignored.

The director is also an IT professional. But he managed to make some mistakes technically. The laptop which Mamta used at first was Compaq, but it changed to Fujitsu (I think) in between the chase. THE REST POINTS MAY REVEAL THE STORY. Mamta is shown to use internet while in a taxi and at that time, nothing has been connected to the USB. And the video is shown to be uploaded and sent via email in no time at all. She wants to publish the video as soon as possible and she can’t find anyway to do that. If she HAD such fast internet connection, why didn’t she upload it to youtube. 😉 (If there are any mistakes in these observations, please comment. These are what I felt in the first watch. Maybe some of these can be explained or more can be added.)

These mistakes are only told, just for the sake of it. As far as the movie is considered, these mistakes don’t affect it.

Overall, it’s a different movie and must be watched by all those who love realistic movies. Malayalam movie industry has been going through a very dark period. These kind of movie can help to rise from the slumber. Hope it becomes a huge hit.

I would rate 7/10.


8 Responses to Passenger – Feel the freshness

  1. Vikas says:

    Oh my goodness!

    I think every mal has changed their outlook and expectations from movies!

    We need to grow up, This movie was totally useless!!

    Good messge I agreee. Very good message- But the way movie went on was not at all engaging! I did not pay 40 bucks for a message, I can get it from a Stephen Covey book!

    It was one of those days wherein I felt I could had 10 bajjis instead! 😦

  2. unknown says:


    i didn’t watch d movie. But got interested by in this revie.

    @vikas: How much does a Stephen Covey book if U buy it.

  3. Rohit says:

    really liked the review….Will give it a shot tomorrow

  4. aswinatgec says:

    I have been thinking of watching this movie. Waiting for my cast to be off.
    Btw, there are things such as express card slots..:P

  5. Vikas says:

    It costs nothing, I meant a library which has huge collections! or just hook into blogs for a moral message!

    and better- Start the movie.. Play the moral for 30 mins and put an end!

    We shud start hoping for better movies and stop clapping for movies are not of the class we need movies!

  6. Shibin says:

    hm…really a good movie..

  7. aswinatgec says:

    I watched it today and i loved it. Great movie.

  8. fantastic movies. Have you watched Avatar yet by chance? Movie made me a little light headed but wow, what a great movie.

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