March 28, 2009




Mohanlal in Sagar Alias Jacky

Mohanlal in Sagar Alias Jacky

DATE   :- 26-03-2009
PLACE :- MAS Theater, Irinjalakuda. (AC illa urappu. DTS anennu parayapedunnu)

Me and some of my old schoolmates.

Actors :- Mohanlal, Manoj K Jayan, Shobhana, Bhavana

Director :- Amal Neerad

To study Sagar Alias Jacky and to write a report.

How to make Sagar Alias Jacky? Take two blank sheets as story. In another page, write “Mohanlal” and put it all of them together. Cover with bright and stylish paper. What you get is Sagar Alias Jacky.

The first show was at 9:30. We reserved the tickets the day before itself. But it was not really needed. That show was not house full. Balcony was only just filled. Usually there are no morning shows here, that might be the reason.

Sagar Alias Jacky is another let down for the year. For a movie with such high expectations, this won’t be what anyone had expected. One of the main reason’s why the movie doesn’t reach anywhere near the expectations is because it’s a sequel. A sequel of ‘Irupatham Nootandu’ one of the most celebrated mafia movie of the yester years. It was this movie that strengthened Mohanlal’s place as a superstar.

Amal Neerad, seems to have overlooked many factors that made the original movie a superhit. He only seems to have noticed the name and Jagathy, of which the latter was a huge disappointment.

But don’t get the wrong impression by the introduction. It’s not a movie that is going to make you feel you wasted some good money. It’s a stylishly made movie. And for all those who love to see some stylish stunts, expensive cars, glamorous girls, lots of foreign locations, this is the one for you. It’s another Bollywood movie that talks in Malayalam.

It’s a good movie for the Bollywood movie lovers. You can go with your pals, clap, shout and enjoy 2 and a half hours  in the theaters. But family better keep out.

I feel this movies review should be done as a comparison with Big B, because they are similar in many kinds. And the director has approached both with  the same style-with-no-story. And there are many scenes which are very similar to Big B. So let’s get into the comparative analysis.

Where SAJ scores over Big B
1. First and foremost point is the budget. Money has been lavishly spent on SAJ. There are lots of exotic locations and expensive cars. Each scene is accompanied by atleast 2  ultra modern cars.
2. Story – Indeed both are devoid of any story. But in SAJ there is more masala elements.
3. Mohanlal – There are some scenes with a comic touch. In these scenes Mohanlal scores. And he also looks far better than his usual looks. It’s the most stylish Mohanlal that you have ever seen.
4. Slow Motion – They are used more sensibly by the director this time round. In Big B, all scenes had a part of them in slow motion. But here it’s used only wherever it was needed.
5. Cast – Aside from the hero’s role, the no. of side actors/actresses are far more in the movie. And some of those can induce audience into the theaters. Especially Shobhana, she’s back in movies and that too strongly, but not gracefully.

Now to where SAJ is well behind Big B
1. Mammootty in style – The seriousness of a mafia hero was better portrayed by Mammootty. His body language and posture were better.
2. Bhaavana and Jagathy – Two major letdowns for SAJ
3. Guns and fights – They were more realistic in Big B.
4. Dialogues and style- Big B had an intention of making a stylish movie and that is what they did. The dialogues by Mammootty were short and powerful, said with perfection. It was the first time in Malayalam movies that we saw that. But in SAJ, the movie had more masala elements – the dialogues too were such- very few punch dialogues.
5. In Big B, there was one comedy scene by Innocent which was perfect. Only that was needed for the whole movie. But in SAJ, all the attempts by Jagathy to be hilarious, backfired.
6. Songs – Big B had many hummable songs – Vida Parayukayano, Muthu mazha konjal etc. But here there is not even a single one. The theme music is good in both the movies.

That ends the comparative analysis.

There are some great scenes in the movie.  Let me mention some of them.
1. Jagathy’s introduction scene – really rocked.
2. Mohanlal’s introduction scene – though is not really new, but was did well. Best introduction scene for Mohanlal. The graphics too was done well in this scene.
3. The scene before interval. After a somewhat dull period after the first 20 minutes, the interval scene took the movie back to track.
4. Climax scene – I saw at many places, that the climax was not upto the mark. But I felt it was very good. Amal Neerad has proved his ability in delivering non-thought-of climax.

Sagar Alias Jacky is for the fans and for youngsters who enjoy bollywood movies, that is action, masala and style.  And I feel it’s certainly a NO for the FAMILIES. There is too much violence in the movie. Some of the scenes are really disturbing(One where the neck is cut and another one where hand viens are cut are shown realistically). And there is also many glamorous scenes in the movie. A song with Jyothimayee doing a “guest” role.

The movie theaters shall be crowded the first week or so. But from the time, the family has to enter, there won’t be such a good opinion. And being vacation time and having no great competitors, gives some hope for the movie.

CERTIFIED :-  6/10 for the style.

SIGN              :- PROJECT MENTOR.