Pakal Nakshathrangal – Lacks Beauty



Mohanlal in Pakal Nakshathram

Mohanlal in Pakal Nakshathram

I saw the movie Pakal Nakshathrangal on 4th December, 2008 in Sree theater thrissur. Though the theater is a small one, it was not even half full, which shows the lack of interest in common public towards non-masala movies.

As a movie, Pakal Nakshathram lacks beauty. The one line and theme of the movie is fantastic, the philosophies terrific, yet the movie lacks beauty and totally misses out grace. Anoop Menon has done justice to the script and dialogues. The director has failed to make some mark in the movie. And from a director behind many award winning movies, this is not what I expected.

The main fault in the dept of direction was in the narration. There were better ways to approach the story. I would say the script was wasted by the director.

Mohanlal has failed to deliver this time round. Especially in many scenes as a spirit, his actions and body langauge resembles some art forms (Kathakali), and test the temper of the audience. He also has some sensual scenes which surprisingly wasn’t that good. His looks in the movie was well suited for his role as a director. But looks could only help him that much. Either Mohanlal was that bad or director failed miserably to utilize him.

Anoop Menon has done a fair job. There was no high expectation from him and he exceeded expectations. Suresh Gopi was another failure. He too couldn’t yield any magical performance. The heroines have got very little things to do to be noticed.

A part of the movie I liked very much was a philosphy, “If we consider from the beginning of human life, the number of people alive now are very less when compared to those who have died. So if the dead and live assembles, the alive shall be outnumbered by the dead. So whose world is this? Is it that of the dead or of us alive? What is death? Is there a new life after death? So is death a new birth?” The movie revolves around this.

The reason for the name of the movie is also well justified. It is said in the movie that the dead can be seen, heard and felt if we wan’t to. They coexist with us in this world. So they are like stars in the day. They exist but can’t be usually seen. They are “Pakal Nakshathrangal”.

The movie resembles the movie Thirakatha many a time, which is another factor which plays against it. The editing work is one of worst in recent malayalam movies. In a song I felt it would have been better had it been left unedited. There is a good suspense for the movie. The irregularity is another factor which affected the movie. At times its fast paced and promises to be an investigative entertainer and other parts it is too slow to make an effect.

Besides all these, the movie is watchable, but it’s just watchable. The movie keeps on shouting at it’s crew “You could have made me better”. I would give 6/10. Watch it because there is good intensions behind it.

6 Responses to Pakal Nakshathrangal – Lacks Beauty

  1. Aswin says:

    “He also has some sensual scenes which surprisingly wasn’t that good.” – I like that

  2. sandeep says:

    this guys has got some hidden agenda behind this review. Else he lacks a visual culture.Pakalnakshathrangal is an exciting movie.In fact, the mostsurprising movie of the year. I cud see audience appreciating the movie when i saw it in sangeetha ekm!

  3. alexp0205 says:

    @ above
    I do have my own views and likes. But when I write reviews I try to make them as neutral as possible.

    It’s good for you if you were able to enjoy the movie. It means you were one of those for whom the director had directed his movie towards. I am sad I was not among those who could enjoy the movie.

    But since you liked this movie, I would recommend you to see other non-masala movies and rate this against them.

  4. ramesh says:

    i very much agree with sandeep.
    i believe every movie contains minute threads which will lead to so many other works..
    i felt the overall content was brilliant, no complaints on direction at all.

  5. narendranath menon says:

    i saw this movie today., i was not expecting much abt the movie by seeing the spirit of the audience. in fact, i was half-minded whether to see or no, but a discussion in asianet today morning involving the director, mohanlal and script writer prompted me to go for it.
    the theme is not looking new but presentation has a modern touch.

    one striking feature i found is that immoral relations are justified with a colorful texture. immorality is dealt like a very common subject. the scantity of marital relations are thrown down the alley.
    mohanlal fails to pierce the heart. suresh gopi was performing better.
    if it is in the name of modernism, then all the sensual scenes can be appreciated with a rub on the long beard… unfotunately, i am a daily shaver…!!

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