STREET LAWYER (John Grisham)


(John Grisham)

It is a “good read”.

The narrator in this story is Michael Brock, a lawyer in a big firm called Drake & Sweeney. He works hard to be a parter of the firm along with about 800 of others in this firm. One day he and someothers are held hostage by a homeless fellow who later gets killed by the police in their attempts to save the attorneys. This affects the narrator who then searches for the kidnapper’s details. In the process he meets Mordecai green who specializes & works in street law, i.e. , helping the homeless people legally, free of charge. He is paid by a trust. He takes the narrator to places where shelter, food etc are given to the homeless. The narrator is deeply moved by this and joins Morcedai to help the homeless. He resignes his post and join Morcedai. He learns that his old company has done some ill deeds against the poor. He steals some documents and clues for suing the company to help the poor. The police are notified and he comes in their WANTED list. During this course he has some family problems and also divorses.

It is one of the few books I have read about the poor and that is a part of the society which the higher beings of the same society tends to forget. This is really an eye – opener. Though its not very exciting it is one of the books that SHOULD BE read.

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