Dreams – illogical thinking.

“Hello”, I said taking the phone. The reply was another similar “Hello” from the other side, maybe a bit more sweeter voice. The voice belonged to an angel. The angel tells many things. How world began, how it is going on and to where it shall go. I remain silent at my end. My soul is now fresh, like fresh strawberries. The tension, the work load, the fatigue all have gone. I feel like I want to go on hearing this voice till the end of the world.

Her voice suddenly turns stern. She asks me to follow my dreams because God made me for that. She is God’s messenger and came to tell the humans about their dreams. “When you follow your dreams, the whole world conspires to make way for you”. Its like a jig-saw, life will become simple and perfect. When each of us fulfils our dreams, we become legends. Each and every element in the world, from stones to birds, lakes to volcanoes, all tries to tell us what our dream is. Only we have to listen to it, watch it closely and learn from it. She said you can communicate with everything in the world, if you realise your dream and pursue it. The soul in you and the soul in all other things are not different. They are one and the same, which is the Universal Soul.

She then sang of how they live at heaven. Life is simple there. They walk around, seeing the things God made for them, eating what he wants them to eat, hearing and saying what he wants them to do. They are happy. While the human beings never “waste” even a second admiring the beauty of a flower, they spend hours or even a full day in front of it.

That was the end. I heard a click at the other end and I opened my eyes to the morning sun. The splendid sight of the magnificent sun rising among the majestic mountains, made me think about the “phone call” and the voice message I got.

Heaven is nothing but the ideal condition to which you can turn your world to. It is when you forget to enjoy the beauties of today that heaven and earth become different. You tend to ignore every thing you wanted to do, stop pursuing your dreams in order to make a good living for tomorrow. If you continue like that, then there is no tomorrow for you. Throughout your life you will go on thinking the same way. And when its time for your last breath, you look back and think, “Where were those beautiful days for which I had suffered throughout my life?” Never let this happen in your life.

Use at least a few seconds to enjoy the smell of a flower, to watch dew drops on its petal, to see the bees flying around it, to look the crowd assembled at the garden and to ignore the world outside it.

/* Based on a reader’s thoughts after reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma */


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