August 15, 2008




They say patriotism is something which declined over years. They say people then had the sense of patriotism running through their veins and that now people are more interested in money, movies and careers to care about things like patriotism. They sometimes even say that there are people now who know not that August 15th is our Independence Day. This can be the truth. Anyways who am I to say yes or no to this.

There can be such people somewhere. But in my case and in that of most around me it’s not like that. There maybe people who say Independence Day should be celebrated in sample Quit India movements or Boycott movement and even by going to a beach and ‘manufacturing’ salt. But I am not for that, so is not most of my generation. I have always felt that those indulging in the above said activities got to be called politicians than Indians. When Mahatma Gandhi did those, there was an aim in front of him. It was to drive the British out of here and to free us from the foreign rule. He succeeded and we are now free. What’s the aim of these politicians in doing these? There can be a lot of things that can be done for people now. But they prefer doing these ‘sample’ things which can never go wrong and can never do anything good.

I know what I say is a bit too much. These people may be doing this to make us remind what struggles our Freedom Fighters took at those days. But I would hate to call Gandhi our National Father if he had came in a car with police protection to the Dhandi beach and went near a stage with a stove. I would never had been proud of him had he just lit the stove with a lighter. That’s how the politicians show us how Dhandi march was. I don’t believe this show can do anything good for us mainly because this is not what happened. Gandhiji didn’t come in any AC car. He came walking a LONG way. He too had police protection. That was not to protect him from the mob but to prevent him from coming there. There were many to help him but I know he would have declined their help and did things alone and set an example to those following him. Else why would they call him the Mahatma?

I have managed to get the patriotic sense even without going to these processions. I have always felt the sense of patriotism on Independence Day by going to the school for the Flag Hoisting Ceremony and by watching those patriotic movies on TV. I still remember how thrilled we used to on this day at the Independence Day celebrations at school. I often get reminded of those patriotic songs, long speeches that somehow managed to be not boring and at times even interesting, flag hoisting and then the Flag Salute. There used to be sweets distribution which made us nostalgic cause the sweets given looked to be bought at sometime around 1947. I wouldn’t have been surprised had someone told me that those sweets were actually bought by Gandhi himself.

Today, on the Independence Day, we have a lot to be proud of. One of our fellow Indian, Abhinav Bindra has given us the first gold medal in Olympics in an individual event for India. This year’s Olympics can be called the best Olympics but I prefer to call it the worst yet. Indian team failed to qualify for the Olympics in Hockey. Hockey was always ours in the old times. I have read about the great Dhyan Chand and how he used to dominate every single game. Somewhere we let other countries overcome us.

Abhinav has certainly made us all proud. But do think, China the largest country has around 35 medals with 22 gold medals. We the second largest country are stuttering somewhere in the below with just one gold. India is the most diverse country and the one from where most results can be expected had there been enough facilities for the sportsmen. Corruption stops development. A lot of money has been spent on sports already. But most of it went to the pockets of the politicians and officials and very little was used properly. This is just one reason. Laziness is also another reason. I personally don’t enjoy getting up early in the morning and running. I can never say no to a cozy bed in the morning even if I know running is good to health. I have at times felt there is another reason which is lack of status in the society for sportsmen. We do give extra ordinary support to those who succeeded. Success stories are always beautiful. But there ought to be failures too. Failures should don’t be considered bad. Atleast they tried. That means they are better than us. We should also be proud of them and should support them. We always see many examples for sports people who are neglected. Saying one is a sportsman is not a fashion anymore. These are a few reasons I felt was obvious. There can be many more.

Here is another Independence Day and this shall be over in another 24 hours. But this one should be made different. We should decide to change ourselves for the better. This is a statement which all say but till now have never produced any effect. Even if we can’t change the whole setup as it is, we should try to change atleast our attitude. That can make a big difference. Especially on this Independence Day, when the whole country is on a festive mood also due to the first individual gold medal in Olympics, we should come up to improve the sports and games in our country. Each one of us can do a bit for the cause. If we could encourage someone interested in sports, it’s the best we can do. I do sincerely hope the Independence day of 2012 shall be celebrated on even larger spirit with India on top of the Olympics points table. Happy Independence Day to all.



Blog Camp is almost here….

August 14, 2008

After long wait, the moment is finally arriving. Yes, we are leaving for the Blog Camp tomorrow. With me, two of my classmates Gokul and Aswin are also coming. 5 of my seniors too are coming for the event. Devidas, Bristow, Rushdie, Denny And Rohit. They have actually reached there already.

We three are planning to leave from Thrissur Railway station tomorrow morning by Chennai- Alappey express. We will reach there by noon. We have arranged our stay at a local hotel. After keeping our luggage there we will be exploring Alapuzha till evening. Our main destination for tomorrow is Alapuzha Beach, which I have visited long time ago. And please note that till now there are no “shaaps” in Alapuzha as a part of our itinerary.

The first Blog Camp of Kerala is scheduled at 9:00 AM on the 16th August, i.e Saturday. We board from Punnamada Jetty at 9 AM to the largest house boat in Kerala, that has been provided by the event by Kerala Tourism.

This is going to be a helluva event. Meeting great bloggers from Kerala, some talks on blogging and all this on the biggest house boat in Kerala and also through Vembanad Kayal in Alapuzha, a beautiful place. Altogether this is going to be a breathtaking experience.


August 3, 2008

New blog!! How to start it? What to write in the first post? Creativity is a must. So what am I going to do? This was how I was thinking for a few hours now. Creativity is not something which I have in plenty. But the mere thought about creativity made me think back to my school life. There used to be versification competition once a year. And most of us used to participate just for the sake of cutting the classes. And spending one or two hours in front of a paper with nothing but a paper in hand will evoke a bit of creativity somehow. So during one such session I remember writing a poem (I call it a poem because there are a some thy,thee thou etc.). In a search of my old papers I found a rough page where I had written that one. So am writing it here. So here comes my first piece of creativity. Sharing not just for the sake of sharing but for improving. Even Linus Torvalds said, “You have to have everybody share in knowledge.” So do comment.

So here comes it.

Based on a true story…

Why does my heart glow
when in my dreams I see you?
I don’t understand…
Is it my heart that glows at night?

Was the nightly breeze the breath of thee?
Was it your eyes that twinkled in the sky?
You sing a song for my heart to glow
That leaves my heart flaming forever.

Never have you looked down at me.
Never hath you filled my heart with your sound.
The days me saw you are few
and years are past those few days.

The more the time separate us,
The more the distance separate us,
You are in my dreams each night.
You will glow in my heart each night.

Days and days separate us
while nights and nights bound us.
Once, Oh! once you will be mine
When you truly know my heart.

Break the time and come to me.
Break the distance and come to me.
Let me see you. Let me hear you.
Let my flaming heart flow in pride.

– ALEX Poovathingal


August 3, 2008



Blogging these days is much more than a tool for communication for many, its a way of expression, a freedom of sharing thoughts across cultures, an open communication channel, it has been more than a medium, it has been changing lives for those relying on it for opinion, expression and entertainment.

BlogCamp Kerala is an event conceived by a group of volunteer bloggers who want to meet up and share ideas and have casual discussions about blogging, internet, technology and more.

The main essence of the Blog Camp Kerala is “Unconference”. Blogging for the most of us is a passion first and a profession next. We celebrate unconferences in its best, thanks to its power of active participation, and its wholesome fun.

For me blogging was just a past time. I have never taken it seriously. That is all past. It was last Thursday that I saw the above given news. It really changed my attitude towards blogging. Just the fact that there are so many bloggers in Kerala made me rethink. Did I forget to tell? I am going to take part in the above event. Its a great honor. Especially for a rookie like me. Getting the chance to meet so many professional bloggers and interacting with them, especially in a house boat of which even the photos left me speechless, is the best offer any junior blogger can get. And there is another fact that this all comes free. This further cements the fact that all good things comes free, like linux. Will post more after the event is over.